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Speciality Items & Packaging

In addition to our flexible packaging solutions, All Australian vacuum packaging offers a range of speciality items and a large range of sundry packaging items.


Food grade gold/silver presentation cards

These cards come in a number of standard sizes & can be made to order. Ideal for presenting smallgoods, fish or premium meat cuts.


meatsaver2.jpg - smallMeat Saver Paper

Available in Black or White, extends shelf life of meat and keeps it looking fresh

  • Keeps meat looking fresh & attractive.
  • Extends shelf life of meat.
  • Cost is small in comparison to the cost of meat it protects.
  • Used as a meat liner on the tray or inserted between meat layers will ensure surfaces of meat are a fresh red colour all day.
  • Non-absorbent, ensures juices remain within the meat to ensure minimal loss of weight / value.
  • Meat Saver Paper saves you time as you are able to prepare the product further in advance in anticipation of busy periods as it extends the life of the meat
  • FDA (food contact approved).
  • Nature Friendly – Bio Degradable and greener than plastic bags.

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Bone Guard

We supply waxed woven or clear plastic bone guard to ensure bones do not puncture vacuum pouches or barrier shrink bags.

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Soaker pads

Soaker pads ensure excess fluids are absorbed, without drying out the meat packed in trays or pouches.

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Meat / Fruit Vegetable packaging film

We offer 12 & 15 micron clear or green packaging film for covering meat, fruit & vegetables. These products come in Caterers rolls or commercial rolls, boxed in cartons of 2 rolls.

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Foil trays & lids

AAVP carries a comprehensive range of foil trays & lids to meet most needs.


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Foam packaging trays

Our foam packaging trays come in a range of sizes and can be supplied in black or white.


 produceroll.jpg - large

Produce Rolls

We Supply high quality, high strength produce rolls, six rolls per carton, 1.8kg or 2.1kg per roll


 slapsheets.jpg - large

Slap sheets

For Delicatessen & Butcher Use


 singletbags.jpg - large

Singlet carrier bags

A full range of high strength economical single bags in all colours in small, medium, large & Jumbo are available.