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Natural Sausage Casings

casings1.jpg - largeThe outstanding benefits of Natural Sausage Casings include:

  • Natural Casings' variable permeability permits uniform deep smoke penetration throughout the entire sausage to create rich, balanced flavour from start to finish.
  • Variable permeability also allows product to 'breathe,' which contributes to enhancing the sweet aroma of fresh sausage, whether resting in a meat case, or sizzling on a stove or grill.
  • Natural Casings help to protect and retain the fine flavour of sausage and seasonings.
  • Thanks to its endothermic quality, sausage in Natural Casings stays tender and juicy, maintains a fresher appearance, and helps provide extended shelf life.
  • The osmotic quality of Natural Casings means an intermingling of flavours inside and outside the sausage while sizzling in the fry pan or on the grill; it also contributes to enhanced eye appeal during cooking.

We stock a full range of natural hog, mutton (sheep) & beef (Ox) casings.

Our casings are cleaned, processed, packed in salt & vacuum packaged for long life, easy storage & transport.
Casings are sold by the bundle (1 bundle = 90 metres of casing). Standard hog casing sizes are:
  • 24+
  • 28/31 
  • 32/35
  • 36/38 
  • 38/42
  • 42+ 
We also carry bundles of unselected, salted hog casings.
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